Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hi from Algeria

In case I have any regular readers, I thought I should explain that I'm currently enjoying a holiday in Algeria and nearly incommunicado as far as the Internet is concerned. The local dialectological situation - a conservative qaf-dialect of Arabic in Dellys itself, a "Bedouin-type" gaf-dialect in the villages immediately around it, and Kabyle beyond it to the east and south - is quite historically suggestive, and I'm still looking into its origins; however, to be honest, I'm spending rather more time on the beach, which brings me to a question: does anyone have any idea what the etymology of "luggi", the local Arabic word for sea urchin, might be? Or even know of another area where this term is used? My guess would be Berber, but I haven't found a convincing answer yet. Many local seafood names seem to be found in Corriente's Dictionary of Andalusi Arabic (often with Vulgar Latin etymologies), but not this one.


Farid Zadi said...

Yes!!!! I was worried about you, since I read you were in London and all that.

Where are you in Algeria? And take some photos of food for me!

Is this your first visit to Algeria?

Rich said...


I thought you might like "Essentialist Explanations" by John Cowan:

I got there through


darnell said...

Hello from the USA. I find much of what you say about linguistics to be interesting. Good job on the entry about the American language.

darnell said...

By the way, if you say "luggi" in America, depending upon the pronunciation, it can mean a wad of spit.

language said...

Hi! I wasn't worried, exactly, but I did miss you, and I'm glad to know you're having fun and picking up some linguistic tidbits, which I hope you'll report on in due time. No idea about the sea urchins, I'm afraid!