Saturday, January 09, 2010

Earliest Kwarandzyey source online (also Tarifit of Arzew)

It turns out that the earliest and most extensive published source on Kwarandzyey (Korandje), the language of Tabelbala in southwestern Algeria which I am studying, is downloadable online:

* Cancel, Lt. 1908. "Etude sur le dialecte de Tabelbala". Revue Africaine 52.

Readers may also be interested in Biarnay's study of the probably extinct Tarifit dialect that was then spoken at Arzew, in volumes 54 and 55 of the same publication.


Oneeyedboxer said...

good info, here is also a good Arabic to English Dictionary

shawi said...

Thanks a Lameen! I managed to find some articles on Tashawit.

Happy New Year!